April 23rd 2016

Shabbot Shalom!

My name is Bob Singleton. I am a proud member of Skyway Church of the West Valley. I would like to thank Pastor Kim Warren for inviting me to speak last night. I would like to thank my good friend Mark Byrd who was the intended speaker on this evening but was committed to a job assignment in Colorado. I also would like to acknowledge and thank Apostle Greg Brown and his wife Pastor Dawn Brown. It is my privilege to speak before you on this special night.

Last night at 7:07 pm (sunset) the presence of the Lord descended upon this sacred assembly. We will experience a twofold blessing from the greatness of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Tonight we remember and celebrate Passover and the Sabbath as they converge to begin the violent flood of momentous change that is coming to the Prescott area. Prepare for a tsunami of glory too be poured out. Lord we mark Prescott and all of Arizona for your Glory!

I do not believe in coincidences, luck or happenstance. Tonight is an appointed time that the Lord Himself designated for this gathering between Him and us for a holy purpose…..His Purpose! He awaits us!! This appointed time, and over the next 24 hours until sunset tomorrow, we honor and celebrate God as He uses the Sabbath and Passover Feast as instruments to reveal His nature, attributes and character. This “appointed time” is powerful because God speaks through it. Because of this we have the opportunity to hear Him, feel Him and have a loving encounter with Him. Did I say love? YES I DID!!! Although a multitude of His character and attributes are revealed during these appointed times, love is the engine that drives it all. Ultimately, this is a love story. This evening is about encountering His presence. He loves us that much!!!!

Let’s begin with the significance of the Sabbath. On this holy day in Israel, they are in the middle of remembering and celebrating the Sabbath. In October, I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Israel fulfilling a lifelong dream. It was a blessing to be a part of this amazing experience honoring the Nations Sabbath. Hours before sunset, people begin their preparation for the Sabbath meal. Business,shops and transportation begin closing. At sunset you hear the siren indicating the start of the Sabbath. For the next 24 hours the Nation and its people honor this celebration. The fact that all of Israel shuts down in remembrance and celebration for the Sabbath is a memorial unto the Lord!!! It’s like the whole Nation is a Chick Fil-A!

You see the Sabbath, which means to rest in who He is, is a weekly memorial of creation and is set apart as Holy. It proclaims that God is Lord over all, even if you do not believe it. Psalms 19: says “The heavens declare the glory of God and the skies show His handiwork” This proclaims that God created the heavens and earth in His majesty and Glory. I believe this is where we first encounter the Glory of God. It is a day we can remember and honor the fact He created us to be glory carriers!! It says give us a new impartation of your Glory! It cries out “Glory be to God…Glory be to God” Let us rest in the glory of this appointed time. “Exodus 31:16 – It is a covenant sign for a way of life that honors God. We certainly can rest in that…He loves us that much.”

In like manner, the Passover is significant as it again points to the self-revelation of God’s attributes and character. There was only one Passover which occurred 3,328 years ago. All subsequent observances of this holy day have been remembered and celebrated as a memorial unto the Lord. The story of the Passover story is detailed in the Book of Exodus. It was there, at that time a spotless innocent lamb was sacrificed and the blood was applied to each doorpost and lintel (forming the sign of the cross). When this was done in faith and in adherence to Gods command that home was “Passover” and the life of the first born was spared this foreshadows that Jesus became our permanent Passover Lamb with His death on the cross. He is the reason we can crossover! Finally, Pharaoh hears Gods penetrating voice “Let my people Go” He then releases the Israelites…hence the Exodus. The Exodus paints a beautiful picture of the mighty hand of God moving His people from slavery to freedom from bondage to deliverance. God takes them to a new place where they will worship and commune with Him. This is how we will move into our new season….with everything He has for us. He loves us that much!!!

As I close we need to recognize the significance of the convergence of these two holy appointed times. They give us life and are relevant with spiritual, prophetic and practical application in our lives today. They speak to us because God Himself breathed life into them…His life. He wants us to come and have an encounter in His presence. Our God (the Alpha-Omega) is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Similarly, the Sabbath and Passover look backwards and forward as it continually provides hope and encouragement to lives. The Sabbath looks back at creation and displays all of Gods majesty and glory but looks forward to the age to come where all will live in the complete peace and rest in God. The Passover looks back at Christ’s death on the cross but looks forward to the greatest glory when Jesus returns where He will rule and reign as King on His earthly throne in Jerusalem. Tonight, Lets Passover, but do not Passover without the fullness of God. Do not walk ahead of Him, do not walk behind Him, but walk with Him in power and glory. He says “I have paved the way.” May God bless you all on your journey as you Passover in the power and love of God.

Full moon. Additionally, I have a bonus blessing for you. Not only do we celebrate the Sabbath and Passover we have a full moon tonight. There is always a full moon on Passover. The moon is full in all of its glory. It is a symbol on Passover that marks the birth, beauty and splendor of our journey. It marks the beginning of your journey towards the complete fulfillment of your mission in this world.

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