April 21st, 2016

Shalom Friends

We have entered into the beginning of the months. Exodus 12:2 “This month (Nissan) will be the beginning of months for you: it will be the first month of the year for you.”

How do we know when a new month begins? Genesis 1:14 “G-d said “Lights, be in the firmament of the heavens, to divide the day from the night! Be for signs and appointed times and for days and years.”

The new moon is a sign for the beginning of a new month. Rosh Chodesh means new month.

Back to Exodus 12:2, when G-d changed the months to begin with Nissan (the beginning of the months) the first month, a most amazing change in history occurred. This represents the beginning of Pesach/Passover and the Exodus. Here we will be instructed to NEVER forget that which will be forever inscribed into our hearts. The story of Exodus is the book in which Israel goes from darkness to light. This is the same for us today. Passover may look like this to us. As we prepare today, we must begin a house cleaning (and ourselves) by removing all the leaven in and around us. Expecting Pesach/Passover to release us from bondage and launch us into freedom.

The first Passover occurred 3,328 years ago and is still the first Feast of the LORD. Although the Israelites may not have known what freedom from slavery looked like, they none the less took the first step of obedience. May we also step into obedience of the LORD this Passover expecting a new experience of freedom. But this is just the beginning.

After the Passover we will have, Unleavened Bread, followed by First Fruits and Shavuot. Here we will experience seven, sevens or 49 days in which we have the opportunity to count the Omer. In counting the Omer I have experienced great growth in myself as I have moved from darkness to light. Every year there is more peeling away of selfishness of myself.

This is a great time to grow into the person Adonai has created you to be. Leaving the past behind and moving into another realm of His future. Have a Hebraic mindset, always moving closer to the Divine Creator of the heavens and earth. Learn to have faith in what G-d says and go trusting that He will lead you. You only have to leave Egypt behind.

My friends this is the first Feast of the LORD. It is His appointed time. This means you have been invited to attend His Feast. Please you do not want to miss this Appointment.

May Elohim continue to bless you as we all desire to become closer to our Creator.

Blessings of Love

Mark & Cindy Byrd

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