October 6th 2015


20 Tishrei 5776 – 3 October 2015

Shalom Friends

We are now completing the Feast of Tabernacles/ Succot. This has been a most exciting time in our lives. Let me begin in a chronological order from our arrival here in the Holy Land.

Upon our arrival on 19th of September, three days later began with Erev Yom Kippur. This was the beginning of “Silence” here in the land. What I mean by silence is something I have never experienced before. The area we are in is the outskirts of Jerusalem. So for as far as I could hear there was not any human noise. No cars on the streets, no buses driving by. Not any airplanes flying over. Work has ceased for this most Holy time. What I did hear was the laughter of children playing! The most awesome sound I have ever experienced. Laughter of “only” children.

This is a experience you must know in your life here in G-d’s promised land.

Yom Kippur was followed two days later by Shabbat. Which is the day The Lord rested. We also observe this day of rest. Another awesome experience.

Now comes Sunday, 14 Tishrei. Erev Sukkot. Feast of Tabernacles. Seven days of joy & celebration. Monday 7/15/5776 was also another day of rest, “you shall do no servile work”. This is really most thrilling to see this nation Israel celebrate all of His appointed times.

As I write this newsletter it is Shabbat 20 Tishrei 5776 – October 3 2015. In the span of twelve days we have celebrated Yom Kippur, Sukkot, two Sabbaths. How amazing.

I would like add my understanding of the final blood moon of this tetrad.

Yes it was a clear sign from El Elyon (God Most High). I am amazed that almost half of the world saw this sign. Many of you who read this were in North America. We are in Jerusalem. Yet at different time zones apart, we all saw the same moon. I believe this is a sign for us to see “how” all of the world will be able to see the return of the Son of Man. Please read Matthew 24:3-14, The Signs of the Times and the End of the Age, 24:15-28, The Great Tribulation, 24:29-31, The Coming of The Son of Man.

What does this mean?
“I Am” the same yesterday, today and forever!
“I Am” made the Heavens and the Earth!
“I Am” the God of Order!
“I Am” the God of Covenant!
“I Am” still in control.

Berach Ahav
Blessed Love
From the Land of Milk and Honey
Mark & Cindy

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