21 Cheshvan 5776 – 2 November 2015

Shalom Friends

Peace – Know Peace

Tonight is the 15th of Cheshvan. Which means it is a full moon. You should see this sight, with the lights of Jerusalem under her. Peaceful and beautiful.
Looking back at the final blood moon on 15 Tishrei – 28 September life here in Israel is very different. There have been numerous terrorist attacks. With loss of life and injury to others. These cowardly acts are difficult for many people to comprehend. I personally do not understand them. This causes many people to be filled with fear.
I would like for everyone to know that “Cindy & I” feel very safe here. We have had friends from the states here visiting and we traveled all over the country of Israel. We drove ourselves, took bus rides and light rail train throughout Jerusalem and the Old City. We did this with caution, discernment and the Lord’s protection.
As 2nd Timothy 1:7 tells us “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
As spirit filled believers in Yeshua, this means that we are filled with the spirit of “power, love and a sound mind.”  As we traveled we used discernment and walked with power filled by the Holy Spirit, a sound mind as we moved with the Comforter and spread His love through our actions.
In these difficult times we live in I pray for everyone to keep focused on our Savior and His return. We are the light of the world and those who are filled with the spirit of fear need our help. Let us be there for them so they may Know Peace.
As you look up to see the brilliance of the moon, know that God is still in control of everything. And your name is written in His book. Be of great courage.
Please pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and the blessings of Israel to continue. Pray that God’s mighty hand and His word may be spread throughout the world.

Berach Ahav
Blessed Love

Mark & Cindy

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