October 13-14, 2017
(22-23 Tishrei 5778)

Mountaintop Christian Fellowship
660 6th St. Prescott, AZ 86301


Restoring our Ancient Foundations – Isaiah 58:12

Understanding – Discovery – Repentance - Reconciliation

Let’s learn from history and embrace a new understanding of how to reconcile Jew and Gentile (One New Man). Let’s take back our history and ancient Hebrew heritage that we gave away.

Have you ever thought about how the Christian church began? Literally? Maybe thoughts about the Hebrew - Jewish beginnings - and then how we Christians got away from our beginnings?

Even how today why do we not celebrate the Hebrew Jewish Feasts, How can we return to the beginning of our Hebrew roots?

Let's learn from Dr. Raymond Gannon of Messianic Jewish Bible Institute and from Pastor Steve Francis of Mountaintop Christian Fellowship of his Christian background and how he returned back to his Hebrew roots of Christianity. Let's repent and reconcile with Torah One New Man, President Mark Byrd.

Come join us for this historical event in the Hebrew year of 5778.


Friday October 13,
5:00pm doors open registration,
5:45-6:45 worship w/Jimmie Black
6:45- announcements, speaker Dr. Raymond Gannon
9:00pm - closing

Saturday October 14,
8:00am doors open
8:45-9:45 worship w/Jimmie Black
9:45 - announcements, speaker Dr. Raymond Gannon
Lunch break to be  announced
Speaker Pastor Steve Francis and Mark Byrd
5:0pm - closing

 Guest Speakers

 Dr. Raymond Gannon PHD.
Messianic Jewish Bible Institute

Pastor Steve Francis
Mountaintop Christian Fellowship

Teacher Mark Byrd
Torah One New Man, President

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Worship with Jimmie Black


To this day, Jimmie  remembers his dad, waking the kids on Sunday mornings with praise and worship to God. And, it is this same call to awaken the Church today to praise and Worship that leads Jimmie Black in Ministry.

At age 10, Jimmie began singing for his church in Miami. In 1995, after some personal struggles, Jimmie began singing for his Lord Jesus Christ. Married with four children, Jimmie and his wife Gwen are raising their daughter Amanda, and their three sons, Jordan, Christopher, and Gabriel in Florrisant, MO.

Jimmie's tenor voice and dynamic range is featured with the Holy of Holies Ministries and with Nick Christian Coetzee of Rain Music. On other albums, Jimmie has provided professional backup for songwriter/producer Lenny LeBlanc and for Christian recording artists Kelly Willard, Paul Wilbur, Michael Hohman, LaMar Boschman (The Rebirth Of Music), and well-known tenor, Charles Billingsly.

Across the USA, Jimmie has ministered to many messianic congregations including those under the leadership of Rabbi Michael Wolf, Rabbi Steve Wilder, Rabbi Jeff Adler, Rabbi Eric Tokajer, and Rabbi Charles Kluge, Adonai has shown his spirit in the worship experiences at our many events. Jimmie has also ministered to Christian churches such as Pastor Steven Strader’s Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida; Pastor Phil Derstine’s Christian Retreat in Braedenton, Florida,Beit B'resheet St.Louis, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn and Pastor Walter Harvey’s Parkland Assembly of God in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.