Why join us?

We offer small groups of six persons or less. Intimate teachings and study of your time in Israel with us at each location will deepen your knowledge and understanding of scripture. You will be lodging in Northern Israel for 6 nights and Old Jerusalem for 4 nights. Breakfast is included daily and your lunch, snacks and dinner are on you according to your tastes. Enjoy a Shabbat Dinner served with Abraham’s hospitality. Impartation and prayer as directed by the Holy Spirit. Group unity will be carried with you in your future as you have walked in the dust of Yeshua.

Our next visit will be November 8 - 19, 2018 AND December 6 - 17, 2018.

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Your time with us may look something like this. (Subject to change)

Day 1, Monday. Arrive Ben Gurion Airport. Unpack for stay in northern Israel. Receive baptism in Jordan River or Sea of Galilee. Teaching for day 2, Prayer.

Day 2. Breakfast, Prayer. Experience life as it was in the days of Yeshua as we visit Nazareth Village. We then travel to Tel Megiddo and visit the future site of Armageddon. We then finish our day trip to Mt. Carmel where Elijah said “Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and of Israel, let it be known this day that you are God in Israel”. 1 Kings 18:20-46 Dinner tonight is out on you. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day3, Prayer.

Day 3. Breakfast, Prayer. Start by the Sea of Galilee where we will visit Magdala at the base of Mt. Arbel. The hometown of Mary Magdalene. Our next stop is Capernaum, which in Hebrew is Kefar Nachum the “village of the prophet Nachum. We will then complete our day trip at the Mt. of Beatitudes. Dinner at home tonight! Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 4. Prayer.

Day 4. Breakfast, Prayer. First stop today Bethsaida, “Et Tell” house of the Hunters and Fisherman, Mark 8:22-26. Our drive up to Caesarea Philippi will take us through some of the Hula Valley. Caesarea Philippi, Mark 8:27-30, Matt. 16:13-20. Our next stop will be Mt Bental where we can look into Syria, here our prayers for the “Peace of Jerusalem can begin to reach home. Dinner tonight is out on you. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 5. Prayer.

Day 5. Breakfast, Prayer. Tiberias walk, Daniel Boat worship on the Sea of Galilee. Prepare for Shabbat Dinner, Songs of Joy and Fellowship. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for day 6. Prayer.

Day 6. Breakfast, Prayer. Torah Parasah In Depth Teaching. Shabbat Church at Kehilat HaCarmel. Outdoor walk, snacks at home. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 7. Prayer.

Day 7. Travel to Jerusalem, two hour drive down through the Jordan Valley. Visit Qumran, home of the Essenes and where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found. Then over to the Dead Sea for those excited to float effortlessly in the Sea. We then will complete our drive to Jerusalem where we will spend 4 nights at the Casa Nova inside the Old City. Tonight we will attend King of king’s church service in downtown Jerusalem. Dinner tonight is out on you in Jerusalem. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 8. Prayer.

Day 8. Casa Nova breakfast, Prayer. We will start in the Old City by visiting the Davidson Center with an in depth teaching on the Psalms of Ascent, from here you can see the Mount of Olives. Our next stop will be the Western Wall, in Hebrew it is known as “The Kotel”. We will the walk through parts of Old Jerusalem. A train ride will take us into Jerusalem and we will visit the Friends of Zion Museum. Dinner tonight is out on you. We will then walk down Ben Yehudah St. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 9. Prayer.

Day 9. Casa Nova breakfast, Prayer. A walk to the Upper Room, Song and Prayer, another visit to the Kotel. A walk through the Old City. Ride the train into Jerusalem and visit the “Mahane Yehudah Open Air Market” also known as the “Shuk”. Shopping time. Dinner out on you in Jerusalem. Debrief todays thoughts, prepare for Day 10. Prayer.

Day 10. Casa Nova breakfast, Prayer. Walk to the Garden Tomb, Prayer and Communion. Your day to enjoy the sites of Jerusalem, feel free to be on your own if you so desire. Debrief this past journey. Prayer.

Day 11. Depart for your next destination.