Dr. Raymond Gannon - Vice-President for Academic Affairs, MJBI (Messianic Jewish Bible Institute), Dallas, TX


The challenging new Israel-based teaching ministry of Torah, One New Man under the direction of Mark Byrd with branch locations in the Galilee and Arizona, is a Bible-based and Israel-friendly learning opportunity for American Christians and others to learn the Word of God from a solidly Hebraic perspective.
Mark and Cindy Byrd, along with colleague Bob Singleton, having been teachers of the Word for years recognize both the essential Jewishness of Scripture and necessity of reading the Word through the same Hebrew lens the apostles used and needed to capture the profoundly simple truths of the Bible which are so completely Jewish in... (read more)

Skyway Church - Goodyear, AZ - Pastor Greg Brown


Dear Friends, thank you for allowing me to write to you.  I am writing this letter of recommendation to you on behalf of Mark and Cindy Byrd of One New Man Ministry. Mark and Cindy are respected ministers in our ministry network, ASCEND Int. and participate in our local church ministry at Skyway Church. They have served faithfully as... (read more)