rgThe challenging new Israel-based teaching ministry of Torah, One New Man under the direction of Mark Byrd with branch locations in the Galilee and Arizona, is a Bible-based and Israel-friendly learning opportunity for American Christians and others to learn the Word of God from a solidly Hebraic perspective.
Mark and Cindy Byrd, along with colleague Bob Singleton, having been teachers of the Word for years recognize both the essential Jewishness of Scripture and necessity of reading the Word through the same Hebrew lens the apostles used and needed to capture the profoundly simple truths of the Bible which are so completely Jewish in character from Genesis to Revelation.
Solid Christian Evangelicals themselves, this team is committed to enabling fellow believers to find a firmer foundation in Jesus as He is revealed in a manner keeping with His own Jewish background, customs, and cherished traditions.  Jesus’ own highest regard for Torah (Matthew 5:18) should inspire every Bible enthusiast to dig deeply into the riches of the Hebrew Bible to more perfectly understand Yeshua’s own teaching.
May God richly bless Mark and Cindy Byrd along with Bob Singleton in their team effort to serve the Body of Yeshua, the One New Man, as anointed teachers in the Land of Israel and among those same saintly students in America.  What a grand opportunity for those seeking deeper enrichment in the Word of God!